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How is this Dental Implant Site Different?  "I have no angle or agenda other than the wish to share some things that I have learned. I am not looking for new patients and I am not paid by any manufacturer, supplier or dental office in return for my opinions. . .  you can expect only that I will offer my honest views and insights based on more than 30 years of general dental practice and teaching."

Greetings and a Caveat/Disclaimer:   If you have not come to my office, sat in my chair and been under my direct care, I am not your dentist.   So, who am I? I am a general dentist with many years of experience in general dentistry and a long-time  adjunct dental school faculty member and I have a law degree as well as a dental degree. I an also president of a small Internet company I founded, and I enjoy making web sites.  This site is intended to be informational only.  Indeed, dentistry cannot be practiced over the Internet, so please understand that you need to be under the care of your own dentist and that only your own dentist can adequately diagnose and treat your problem.  What the site is intended to do is to help readers understand a little more about teeth and dental care.
The associated links on this website are neither chosen nor endorsed by me.  That doesn't mean I do not like the advertised product or service, as I have seen some very good things materialize here. But, the ads  do change and I never know  exactly what  will appear.

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