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Smart Deals in Shopping With the best Discounts

Shopping makes us happy, but shopping with a discount raises our sense of happiness to astronomical heights. It was long thought that ‘retail therapy’ was a fairytale, but the University of Michigan has shown that shopping is an effective remedy for sadness. Now of course we want to run to the store as quickly as possible, because we are all in a slump! In order to ensure that you do not go bankrupt with this non-health insurance paid therapy, I have collected the ten best discount tips for you.

Shopping tips

The first is an in-store: shop online! Sit in your sweatpants behind your laptop, grab a wine and compare prices. Why run the whole city in search of the best offer if you can compare the prices of different stores online in one go?

Use a discount code. Many shops issue discount codes. These are often not found on their site, but on special discount sites. The discount on shoppers stop is perfect now for the same.

Become a member of Shopping Communities. These are private shops where you can only buy after registration. The discount given here is usually around 70%! Every day you will find in your mailbox all offers for that day, the offered items can only be purchased for a few days.

Shop across the border

Do you dare to shop at Chinese web shops? You can save a lot here. Prepare yourself well and go girl! You have to possess a little patience, sometimes the chain you so coveted leaves you a month.

Shot for open goal: SALE! At the end of the season you can shop very cheap. First immerse yourself in the trends for the coming season and pick the best fashion items from the sale that are still trendy in the upcoming season. Indeed, trends last longer than one season.

It’s not shopping, it’s retail therapy

Buy at Marketplace Organic Certified Clothing Printers. No, here is not only torn off from the year zero clothing for sale. Sniff around an evening and you will see that a lot of new, trendy clothing is offered. Other fellow fashionistas are sometimes too lazy to bring back clothes. Do you also have new or as good as new clothing in your closet that you do not wear (anymore)? Put it on Marktplaats and make someone else happy.

Buy refurbished devices. Electronics is often a hefty cost item. Do you want to be completely hip with the latest smartphone, and then think about buying a used device. A refurbished device can save you up to 60%. Just like on a new product you get full guarantee, the only difference is that it can scratch.

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