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How Does Moving Affect Children?

What To Consider When Moving


When the a family makes a decision to move they will always consider where they are moving to and how they will be moving they, how they need to back their belongings in a timely fashion in order to comfortably move their items to the new location and settle in as soon as possible. In the event that there are no children in the home it is easier for the adults to simply pack up their belongings and relocate. The situation becomes a bit more complicated when children are involved in the process. Though adults are used to change and may be use to the thought of changing environment they sometimes feel some type of fear or discomfort when considering the thought of the unknown. As an adult you consider things like; how will the new neighborhood be? How will your neighbors be? How will they interact with your children? Will they have pets? Will the children be okay with the pets in the neighborhood? How convenient would it be to get to the grocery stores around? How easy would it be to get to work, or to visit friends and family? Is the neighborhood safe? Though these are all factors that would have been considered prior to the move, one can only know so much until the actual move takes place, so in all it could be a risk for both parents and children.

What To Consider With Children

Regardless of the type of move in question, change will always bring discomfort especially to children. It may seem very scary that one night you are sleeping on the second floor of your home, in your bedroom located at the right-hand side of your house when the next day you would be sleeping on the left-hand side on the first floor of your home. As a child the thought may bring great discomfort and must be dealt with care and great understanding. There are lots of handy tricks to overcome such fears  but you must first understand what your child is actually going through. Though children are very adaptable, they make have some insecurities and reservations in terms of making new friends either in their new school or within the neighborhood. Will the other children like me? Would they think that I am different or weird because I come from a different location? These are all things to consider as they make feel rejected and thus not put themselves out there. Though you might be very busy during the move, as a parent you must take the time to have that conversation with your child in order to see if they are feeling that way and to give them the best counsel possible. They may also be feeling as though they will not be able to cope academically speaking. What if the other children are smarter than they? What if their standards of education or academic performance does not measure up to that of the children in their new schools. As a parent you must give them the assurance that they have been well instructed all through their lives and that they will do just fine. These are all social and emotional things to consider when relocating with a child.

Do You Have The Quality To Be A Florist?

If there is a profession that does not know the crisis, it’s the florist. In store as in gardening, there are thousands of vacancies. There are many ways to integrate this profession. Discover Singapore businesses, in this article the different ways to become a florist. A florist is a specialist florist, but not only. It’s a complete profile, from creation to sales to the various management tasks of a company. He has technical, managerial and creative skills.

But despite the difficulties it entails, this very artistic profession attracts a large number of candidates. The field of the flower is creative, it makes dream big as small. Becoming a florist is having fun, while providing pleasure to its customers.


  • Possess a creative and artistic sensibility,
  • To be very rigorous in the work,
  • Have a sense of listening, in order to satisfy the desires of its customers,
  • Have a real ability to adapt to requests and changes over time,
  • Have a great knowledge of horticulture and botany,
  • Have a strong sense of interpersonal skills

Possible evolutions

In general, a florist starts as a florist-seller in a shop, a department store or a garden center. Subsequently, he can reach the status of manager of a floral department in a garden center or shop manager for example. Other professional avenues can be reached afterwards as the position of Vendor specialized in nursery. Of course, he can also install on his own, opening his shop, free or not.


It gives you the opportunity to live the passion in every day with much opportunity in different way. A job that offers a pleasant work environment despite the physical effort needed throughout the day.

The inconvenient

Throughout the day, the florist will have to be creative to make the bouquets that are requested by customers who have a strong expectation, good at hand bouquets Singapore, while juggling with the various management tasks of the store (order flowers), maintenance his store and his universes, cash management and the company in general).

  • Periods of regular rushes (during holidays, holidays, parties).
  • Schedules often binding (weekends and holidays for example).
  • A work that is physical (always standing, moving perpetually in the cold, hands in the water).
  • A relatively modest salary if you do not build a shop.


Despite significant disadvantages, the profession of florist offers interesting prospects for evolutions and is still among the professions little affected by the economic crisis. Accessible by all, it is above all a passion craft. In the coming years, hundreds of new stores (duty free or not) should open their doors. Why not yours?

In addition to having a great knowledge of flowers and plants and a strong creative sensitivity, a florist must be able to work according to trends. He must follow the weather, the seasons, the desires of his customers who evolve constantly.